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Image and Success

In our daily activities, we have to face some protocol situations that need to be dealt with and the solution lies in general rules about clothing, personal image and respect for hierarchical positions, as well as written communication, receiving visitors, organizing working and social programs. These rules of business protocol make relations easier between institutions, public and society in general.

Filled with luminous and abundant examples, the author manages to systematize, in a clear and practical way, the criteria that will lead to a positive image.



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Imagem e sucesso

 Image and Internationalization

In business as in social life, a good image is an essential condition for success, across the world, especially in these times of globalization. In today's increasingly intercultural business world the chances of saying or doing "the wrong thing" are much greater than ever before. It is essential to know and respect rules and codes, because the ignorance of these codes can jeopardize an entire strategy of internationalization.

If you are looking for ways to identify and avoid common business protocol pitfalls this book collects the essential information about manners and customs, rules and dress codes, taboos and cultural beliefs in order to help readers understand the cultural differences that divide people, nations, cultures and continents







Ceremonial by Experts

Isabel Amaral is one of the 26 authors of the book, having written a chapter on historiography “The Brazilian influence in the ceremonial of King John VI court”.

This book was launched during the IX International Congress of Protocol and XV National Congress of Public Ceremonial; Campos do Jordao, on November 5, 2008.

The book can be ordered from the site of the CNCP in




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Isabel Amaral is one of the most requested experts on Image, Communication and Protocol, being responsible for many executive coaching activities in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Cabo Verde, Namibia, Netherlands, Angola and the People's Republic of China. She is also responsible for promoting investigation and superior studies on protocol in Portugal and the author of several books and publications.

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