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Conference in Lyon, France

For over 100 years the UIA has been working to promote and facilitate the work of international associations and the event was such a great opportunity to learn through networking and through practice with a lot of interesting persons. In this round table that took place in Lyon France on 15-16 November,there were 127 people representing 96 organizations, associations and offices, from 27 countries.

Isabel Amaral was warmly applauded and congratulated at the end of her lecture on cross cultural communication under the title "Building bridges in the global Village". There was an intense debate with the participants at the end.

Isabel Amaral - Consultancy, Training and Communication, Ltd

Travessa do Noronha, 17 - 4
1250-170 Lisboa
Tlf: 00 (351) 218 031 753


Isabel Amaral is one of the most requested experts on Image, Communication and Protocol, being responsible for many executive coaching activities in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Cabo Verde, Namibia, Netherlands, Angola and the People's Republic of China. She is also responsible for promoting investigation and superior studies on protocol in Portugal and the author of several books and publications.

Isabel Amaral