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3 Day Masterclass in Modern Protocol

There were 15 participants in the ‘Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol’ orgsnised by Protocolbureau on 5,6,7 December  in Brussels. People from all over the world attended this protocol training about the management of high-level events, personal presentation, networking, table manners, cross-cultural communication and international protocol.

“I never expected the training to be so much fun and at the same time so informative; I really enjoyed participating.” - was an enthusiastic reaction of one of the participants. This masterclass is much more then a set of lectures. The participants are among other thingsasked to make seating arrangements, participate in discussions, follow a three-course etiquette dinner training and organise a real-life formal events.

The next training will take place on 12, 13 and 14 June 2019. More information at our website:

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Isabel Amaral is one of the most requested experts on Image, Communication and Protocol, being responsible for many executive coaching activities in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Cabo Verde, Namibia, Netherlands, Angola and the People's Republic of China. She is also responsible for promoting investigation and superior studies on protocol in Portugal and the author of several books and publications.

Isabel Amaral