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Masterclass in Brussels

Isabel Amaral was one of the teachers, together with Diana Mather (UK), Bengt-Arne Hulleman (NL), François Brunagel (France) Jean Paul Wijers and Kim Jongbloed (NL). 

The participants showed enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and the teachers were very happy to share their knowledge and experience with such an amazing group of trainees. 

It was a very pratical training and the 14 trainees learned how to use modern protocol rules, how to manage any type of high-level event and they were able to apply their knowledge in a real-life business case, organizing a networking dinner on the second day..The evalutation was very positive and it was considered by all a very successful training. 

The next training will be in December.

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Isabel Amaral is one of the most requested experts on Image, Communication and Protocol, being responsible for many executive coaching activities in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Cabo Verde, Namibia, Netherlands, Angola and the People's Republic of China. She is also responsible for promoting investigation and superior studies on protocol in Portugal and the author of several books and publications.

Isabel Amaral