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Isabel Amaral´s commentary on the Royal Wedding

Isabel Amaral, was invited to comment the royal wedding at a News Special edition on the TVI24 an TVI International channels. Together with the ambassador Manuel Côrte-Real, honorary member of APEP, she contributed with her comments for the better understanding and meaning of the different moments of this event.

The above mentioned TV programme was hosted by José Carlos Araújo and throughout all morning details of the ceremony held in Westminster Abbey, the sitting arrangements of the main guests and formal attire, were explained and commented on.

Isabel Amaral spoke of protocol as a “liturgy of power” and the importance of the mediatization of this ceremony as a means to reinforce the bond between the British monarchy and its subjects and about several aspects of the ceremony following the personal preferences of the bride and groom.

In spite of it not being a state wedding due to the fact that neither bride nor groom were monarchs or heirs to the throne, it was a spectacular ceremony in which tradition and innovation, the majesty of the setting and modern decoration, the rigorous protocol and the beauty of the music contributed for millions of viewers around the world to follow the proceedings with great interest.

Accepting the idea that all such ceremonies should be organized as a show, this particular ceremony was perfect in the sense that all details were fully and thoroughly rehearsed. The only mistakes or faux pas fall upon the lack of taste or good judgment on the part of some of the guests that attended the event dressed in very unorthodox manner.



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