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Isabel Amaral visit to China

On August 17th, after being the keynote speaker at the 7th International Protocol Training Programme, Isabel Amaral attended a banquet chaired by Foreign Affairs Vice Minister Xie Hangsheng with more than one hundred guests, Chinese diplomats and other VIP's, at the Hong Kong Beijing Jockey Club.

On August 20th, Isabel Amaral delivered a lecture on "Cross cultural protocol" at the new Foreign Affairs' Press Room attended by more than 200 young Chinese diplomats.

During the afternoon, she was formally received by Assistant Foreign Minister, Dr. Zhang Kunsheng, with whom she discussed several topics for more than one hour, namely the situation of superior protocol studies in the world.

Before leaving Beijing, on the evening of August 20th, she was the guest of honour at a banquet offered by Director General of the Bureau for Chinese Diplomatic Missions Abroad, Ambassador Zhang Qiyue, at State Guesthouse in Beijing.

She is the only speaker that has been invited three times to be the keynote speaker at this International Protocol Programme, sponsored by the Art Concept Institute and organized by the Bureau for Chinese Diplomatic Missions Abroad and the only one of the five speakers invited since 2006 who has also been invited to delivere lectures for young diplomatas at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

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