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IBRADEP Congress in Brasília

The II Congresso Profissional Ibero-Americano de Comunicação, Ceremonial e Eventos was held in Brasília between the 9th and the 12th of May 2011

Masterly organized by the IBRADEP, it managed to reach its objectives which were to gather a group of speakers with sound academic training, competence or professional experience and to present a varied range of contents of high scientific level with a dynamic format, thus avoiding the dispersion of the 150 participants, all Brazilian professionals of the communication, ceremonial and event organization areas.

Isabel Amaral, president of APEP gave a conference on May 10th, intitled “West versus East- Protocol in China”. This conference was strongly applauded and the session had to be prolonged so that she could answer all the questions the participants had for her at the end of her presentation.



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Isabel Amaral is one of the most requested experts on Image, Communication and Protocol, being responsible for many executive coaching activities in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Cabo Verde, Namibia, Netherlands, Angola and the People's Republic of China. She is also responsible for promoting investigation and superior studies on protocol in Portugal and the author of several books and publications.

Isabel Amaral